A special Enclave oil rig off the coast of Alabama.


Oncde used by the Perto-Chico Oil company or at least owned on paper by Petro-chico, an off brand of Poseidon Oil. The rigs oil dried up in the 2020s and as a result became an Enclave test site where they developed the first design for the Mark I Advanced Power Armor and also the first tests began for the FEV virus it served as a shelter for the men aboard during the nuclear fire storm of 2077 and the Enclave aboard continued their work eventually succeding in developing the FEV virus and transmitting it to the Enclave across the country and coming in contact with the west coast Enclave. It served little purpose during the years of President Richardson and President Eden but President Nathaniel Baird contacted the group and said it would offically become the pount of developing the new FEV virus strand. When the specially design Vertibird dropped in on the rigs helipad and the Enclave officer aboard was taken on a tour of the rig and got to see all the marvels developed by the group new modern power armor prototypes, new Plasma and Laser weapons even designs recovered from the pre-war bases on the mainland of proposed satellite for the Enclave, all these sat in wait for inspection and approval by some Enclave officer. Almost all the power armor were taken back to Chicago for testing by the Enclave there, later some of these designs ost notably the Medic Power armor would go into production at Detroit.


The rig is a small but sturdy and well taken care of one. Its layout has a massive lab for testing of and development of the latest and greatest technologies for the Enclave. There is also a barracks for the defending troops to occupy the men defending it are made up of a seperate unit in the Enclave an independent defense company much like the one that guarded the perimenter at Navarro, also at all four corners of the rig are massive Plasma Cannons designed and built based on capture alien tech from a wreck of a massive ship that crashed through the atmosphere after having what appears to have been one helluva brutal battle. the soldiers aboard use mostly Athena Power Armor and Mark II Power Armor along with its Tesla variant.

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