American People's Socialist Movement
Red rose 02 -.jpg
Motto Liberty and Justice for All
Leader Johnathon Ford
Capital San Francisco, California
Type Social Democratic Political Movement
Period active 1981-2077
Region United States
The American People's Socialist Movement(APCM or American Socialists) was a Pre-War American Social Democracy organization that oppsed the US Government in almost everyway and was an enemy by the both the Office of Strategic Services and the Un-American Activities Force. It was formed around the 1980s and managed to survive but under a low profile but had a massive revival in the late 2050s/ealry 2060s. It was reletivly peaceful at first but quickly turned violent as the US Government became more radical and communism seeped into all Left-Wing Organizations in the US.


Formed around the 1980s, the APCM had sought to reform American Politics and focused on more "peaceful" propsal. In 1988 a member of the organization was arrested after he plotted to kill a US Congressmen for his plan to get involved in the Sino-Soviet War and bomb the Sino-Soviet Border and was since then under intense monitoring by the OSS. In 2020 an even known as the "April Uprising" occured when the APCM marcged into  Washington DC to overthrow the US President at the time and soon violence broke out in DC leading to a series of bombings and armed conflicts in civilian residential areas throughout the country. The most famous event was the 2022 when APMC militants attacked Denver and eventually the United States Army was sent in and ended with over 200 buildings damaged and over 40 people dead.


In the 2050s, the APSM got attention ofter they protested against the arrests of Chinese-Americans and soon Communist Spies from China were sent in and quickly rose through the ranks. Chinese influence began to spread throughout the party as Chinese politicans soon voiced support for them although the group had to distance themselves since the American People were widly sinophobic and were drenched in nationalism. 

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