American Invasion of Mainland China
Part of Sino-American War, Second Pacific War
Okinawa 1679740c

American Forces land on the Chinese mainland
Date April 11rh 2074-October 23rd 2077
Location China
  • Gobi Desert
  • Yangtze River
  • Hong Kong
  • Manchuria
  • Beijing
Result Great War/American Victory
  • American Forces take Manchuria and southern China
  • Hong Kong transferred from European to American control
Hong Kong placed under American control

Tibet declares independence

United States

China Liberation Front


Occupational governments

Manchurian Liberation Army

Turkistan Revolutionary Front

President Samuel Walker

General Constantine Chase
General Devon Berreth
General Dwight Anderson

President Xin

Chairman Cheng
Various military leaders

Manchurian rebel leaders

Uyghur militant leaders and commanders

United States Armed Forces

China Liberation Front militants and cells
Korean Armed Forces
Japan Self-Defense Forces

People's Liberation Army
  • Northern Forces
  • Southern Forces

Occupational Commanders

Manchurian and Uyghur militants and revolutionaries/separatists
  • Many American troops killed and wounded.
  • Many CLF and Chinese resistance fighters killed and wounded
  • Many Chinese soldiers killed and wounded
  • Most of northern and souther forces whipped out
  • Most of Chinese forces stationed on the mainland whipped out
many Manchurian and Uyghur/Turkistani militants killed

The American Invasion of Mainland China was a major turning point and event during the Sino-American War. The goal was to push back all military forces from China and have the United States take over the mainland and repel the People's Liberation Army from Alaska. The invasion was a success and following an assualt on Beijing, President XIn had launched nuclear warheads atrting the Great War as a way to repel the US forces from China.



Prior to the invasion of the mainland, China had invaded Alaska to capture the oil fields however the country's military was stretched too thin and the nation's President Xin, had been dealing with insurgencies from the China Liberation Front. When the PLA had began to loose strength in Alaska, the United States Armed Forces had then decided to launch amilitary campaign across the pacific and soon Alaska was liberated and from 2074 until the Great War if 2077, American troops had landed and ahd fought to the death in China.


The Invasion began on April 11th 2074 when American Troops had first landed in eastern China. American troops were first pinned down for the first few weaks but then American Air power came in and helped the US troops advance further and deeper into mainland China. In the year 2075 American Forces had already liberated Indonesia and Malaysia and thus began to advance into southern China and made it into Tibet. There Tibetan/American FOrces pushed out the Southern DIvision of the People's Liberation Army and began to advance into central China. FIghting had intensified and both sides were suffering heavy losses but it was the American power armor units that gave them an edge in combat.

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